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How to transform your inauguration in an event

You spent time and money into the opening of an activity, you passed unscathed a jungle of bureaucratic demands, an odyssey of restructuring and supply contracts… And now you arrived at the inauguration day. The real work starts now.

In the first month of life, in fact, a new business forms the basis of his reputation: the choices made at this stage will affect the future of the whole enterprise.

The opening of your activity is not only a necessary step before you start to work seriously, it is a fundamental and irreplaceable element in the promotion of your business.

Here are five ideas to make it memorable.

  1. The rules of good neighbourliness


Make sure that the opening will serve to reinforce the good neighbourly relations with residents and other merchants of your way.

If possible, transform everything into an event with music and drink in the street, but, if your location does not allow it, remember to personally invite other traders in the area and generally make sure that their businesses can benefit from the traffic generated from your inauguration.

  1. Pictures or it did not happen


Invest in a good photographer. Of course, an Instagram filter can do wonders, but it can not compete with a professional photo shoot, which also remains visible long after the event on your website or on your Facebook page.

There’s no sandwiches tray photographed with the smartphone that can compete with a well post-produced photo of your guests enjoying the event with a good glass of white wine.

  1. Special moments streaming


Until recently, the online streaming option was available only in front of substantial budget. Today, thanks to Periscope and other similar platforms, a smartphone connected to internet can provide to a real live session.

Focus on something that really captures the attention of your potential audience, such as music or entertainment gadgets as gifts (see point 4).

  1. All customers are special


But those who are at the opening event are more, so prove it with a small gift to each one.

Put in your budget, among the promotional investments, a number of discount vouchers, gadgets or coupons, to give to your attendees.

This is the best way to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the event and start building a loyal customer base and a good reputation for your business.

  1. The difference between the opening event and the school party…


… It’s all in the buffet. Forget all the garden tables, glasses and plastic bottles and sandwiches tray. Invest instead in a small but high-quality catering, presented with elegance, and in some decoration suited to the spirit of your business.

What makes a good conference venue?

What makes a good conference venue?

The choice of venue will clearly depend on the kind of event you are hosting, but there are certain variables that are always considered before a decision is made.
Establishing the size of the conference will be the starting point when choosing a venue. The size and accompanying needs of different conferences need to be dealt with in a bespoke manner.
Another key variable for a good conference venue is location: a venue that can cater for an international as well as national and regional audience is becoming a key priority for some organisers.
A conference venue that is easily accessible and in a prime location can often be a deciding factor, so good transport links are a necessity.
To add to this, a venue needs to set the right tone for a conference to ensure that delegates leave with the right impression about the host.
An extra component that it is becoming increasingly essential for a good conference venue is technology.
With the rise of the mobile workforce and the need to stay connected while on the move, the technology requirements for events and meetings have evolved.
Video conferencing facilities and social media packages will most likely become a pre-requisite for organisers looking to extend the reach of their event to a wider audience.
Coupled with this, robust WiFi throughout the venue can bolster this kind of offering.
While each of these factors holds significant standalone importance, feedback from our own customers suggests that what really makes a difference is the service they receive from the moment of enquiry to the post–event follow up.
In this fast-paced business environment, venues need to be able to provide for the extensive needs of organisers.
Terrazza Savelli(1)
By working in collaboration with the client at every stage, venues can match and exceed expectations down to every last detail, whether this be by creating a unique menu that matches dietary requirements; correct room specifications or a team of specialists to help with AV equipment.
To add to this, a good conference venue will be flexible when it comes to service and transparent when it comes to price. A friendly team adds immense value to a venue as does a dedicated event manager who is aware of all that is required.
Coupled with this, the reassurance that there will not be any hidden costs when it comes to making that final payment is key.