6th Surgery in The 3rd Millennium: embracing diversity in our future , Barcelona,Auditori Esteve – Edifici CEK May 16th & 17th 2024

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We warmly welcome you to the 6th edition of “Surgery in the 3rd millennium: Embracing Diversity in Our Future”,
taking place in the vibrant city of Barcelona on May 16th & 17th, 2024.
As always, our focus is to bridge connections, encourag active engagement, and foster thought-provoking discussions. This year, we’re thrilled to highlight the latest developments in the urological world. From groundbreaking techniques to current hot topics, we’ve curated
sessions that promise a deeper insight into our everevolving specialty.
Our robust scientific program will include live laparoscopic, robotic, and endourological surgeries by some of the foremost urologic surgeons, complemented by informative lectures spanning a range of urological sub-specialties.
The landscape of urology, like many medical specialties, is evolving. As we progress, we’re seeing a broader spectrum of individuals entering the field. Diversity is not just about gender—it encompasses varied experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, all of which contribute richly to the growth and future of our specialty.
In our meetings, it’s essential that we truly mirror the diversity of our specialty. When varied voices lead and share, they stand as strong role models, illustrating the many faces of success in urology. It’s not just the young learners but also our seasoned colleagues who find value in seeing this diversity in leadership. By emphasizing diversity in our events, we inspire the next generation, showcasing that with talent and dedication, anyone, regardless of their background, can leave a lasting imprint on our field.
Diversity, to us, isn’t just a term. It’s about unity, collaboration, and building a resilient, adaptable future for urology. We believe true progress is only achievable when we ALL come together, embracing the strengths and insights each one brings to the table.
We are looking forward welcoming you in Barcelona, in its spring bloom!
Franco and Maria
Please visit:https://www.thefutureisfemale.it/