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RomAnestesia 2019, Roma, Centro Congressi Lazzaro Spallanzani, 13-14/12/ 2019

RomAnestesia 2019, Roma, Centro Congressi Lazzaro Spallanzani, 13-14/12/ 2019


l’appuntamento con Romanestesia si è arricchito della collaborazione con ACOI, il cui Presidente, Prof. Pierluigi Marini, ha subito sposato la filosofia del ROMANESTESIA.
Il congresso quest’anno sarà un evento concentrato sulle problematiche anestesiologiche, chirurgiche e diagnostiche del paziente ad alto rischio e presenterà un panel
fondamentalmente costituito dai professionisti dell’Azienda San Camillo Forlanini che recentemente mi ha dato l’opportunità di un incarico apicale.
Ci sono però i Primari, sia Universitari che Ospedaliera, della nostra città che mi aiuteranno nella conduzione del congresso stesso.Il patrocinio della SIAARTI e la partnership SIAARTI-ACOI renderanno l’evento intersocietario, con la speranza che le discussioni e le scelte siano condivise e replicabili nel contesto clinico.
Augurandovi un buon congresso, vi attendo, come negli anni trascorsi, numerosi.
Luigi Tritapepe


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Around the Prostate, Niguarda Hospital, November 21st-22nd, 2019

Around the Prostate, Niguarda Hospital, November 21st-22nd, 2019

The treatments for Prostate cancer and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia are quickly evolving. Nowadays, robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is the gold standard of the surgical treatments for prostate cancer. Improving the understanding of prostatic surgical anatomy, it brought towards better functional results. Several robotic approaches were born in the last years: the standard anterior, the Retzius-sparing, the trans-perineal one. During the course, the advantages and disadvantages of each approach will be showed and discussed in live and semi-live surgery by the top surgeons of the world.
Also in the case of benign hyperplasia, surgery has completely been renewed by the evolution of technology: lasers, mono- and bipolar energies and different approaches to adenoma resection or enucleation have reduced complications improving outcomes. A special attention will be given to Prostatic Arteries Embolization, showing the peculiarities of prostatic vascularization. Finally, imaging modalities and medical treatments concerning both benign hyperplasia and advanced prostate cancer are changing and the dogmas that have been established in the last 30 years are evolving. Expert panels will make the point of the current knowledge on these topics.
Around the prostate will give you a 360° vision of the most important treatments for prostate cancer and BPH.

Save the date and come to Milan!

12th International Course on Flexible Ureteroscopy and PCNL,  Rome Cristo Re Hospital, June 27th-28th , 2019

12th International Course on Flexible Ureteroscopy and PCNL, Rome Cristo Re Hospital, June 27th-28th , 2019

Dear Colleagues

This XII Annual International Course on Flexible Ureteroscopy will be held , as usual, at Cristo Re Hospital in a National Tertiary Referral Center on June 27\28, 2019 . The Course is for a limited number of Urologist who  like to actively participate in a small-group intimate learning setting in order to draw maximum benefit from inter-generational skills transfer offered by renowned local and international experts in the field, with 2-3 decades of experience and a proven track record.

Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy, Flexible Uretero-Renoscopy and combinations with Percutaneous Surgery have all undergone a sea change, particularly during this millennium, driven principally by changes in instrumentation, energy sources, accessories, and the recent introduction of master-slave robotic flexible instrument tele-manipulation.

With this in mind, this Annual Course in the magnificent city of Rome aims to present a didactic step-by-step guide to access and manage all upper urinary tract pathology by natural orifice surgery. In addition, combination and percutaneous techniques will also be discussed and demonstrated. Lecture topics will provide state of the art information on specific aspects of instruments, accessories, energy sources and techniques, as well as the role and control of intra-renal pressure for optimal patient safety, and the prevention and management of complications related to the procedure.

Information presented in the lectures will be re-enforced with daily sessions of hands-on training (HOT) with 4 work-stations each managed by an eager young tutor, and which will involve a competitive element that will lead the winner on the first evening to join a senior expert in the operating room on the second day (Endo-Olympics Competition). Lecture teaching will be further augmented by panel discussions and expert-led live or semi-live surgical procedures, which will also demonstrate both basic and cutting edge techniques, show the proper use of instruments and of accessories and energy sources, thus providing a basis for continual expert moderated discussion with participants. This year, we will also include a new discussion session entitled “Devils Advocate” examining controversial and evolving areas of approach, technique or practice.

Younger participants – residents in training will further benefit from presenting their own real-life challenging cases in English, and have a problem-based learning and expert opinion based discussion with faculty.

The Course’s enduring popularity lies in our aim to teach a working method focusing  on patient’s safety and to foster close interaction between participants and delegates by limiting participant numbers, so early registration is very much encouraged, both for course participation and for the very popular HOT training in order to have an opportunity to reach the OR.

We very much look forward to greeting you in Rome in June 2019

Yours sincerely


Lorenzo Defidio and Anup Patel