12 th International Techno – Urology Meeting (TUM)IV Generation of 3D virtual models:towards biological digital twins and the surgical planning into the uro-verse 29th February- 1st March 2024 Ospedale San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano,Turin, Italy

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to announce the 12th edition of TUM, scheduled for February 29th and March 1st 2024.
Over the past years, we have been diligently working on enhancing and refining technologies for laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery. Our journey has taken us from 3D-guided surgeries to the adoption of 4K vision and the implementation of highly advanced broadcasting systems, all designed to offer participants the most immersive experience possible. From the very first editions of our meeting, our goal has been to provide an enriched surgical environment.
Our exploration continued as we delved into the study of organ-specific 3D virtual models derived from standard imaging. This led us into the realms of augmented reality and mixed reality surgery, with the primary objective of improving surgical planning and intraoperative guidance. We aimed to maximize surgeon awareness during procedures, taking advantage of the information provided by virtual models of real anatomy.
Our initial forays into the augmented reality surgery were semi-automatic, but we soon transitioned to augmented reality platforms powered by artificial intelligence, with subsequent automatic overlapping of the 3D augmented reality images.
Taking our commitment further, last year we created an immersive platform for a virtual reality experience, in the Metaverse.
The surgeons had the possibility to navigate the 3D virtual models of the patients in a virtual environment, sharing the surgical planning with the moderators and the delegates even if located in different sites.
In this TUM24 edition, we will bring the delegates, moderators and surgeons into the Uro-Verse, that it is more than only a virtual platform. Uro-Verse is a testament to the dynamic synergy between technology and surgery, and it is set to redefine the landscape of urology for years to come. In Uro-Verse, the boundaries of physical geography dissolve, and this virtual realm facilitates collaborative learning, discussions, and surgical innovations.
Another novelty will be represented by the presentation of our fourth generation of the 3D virtual models. 3D BioDigital Virtual Models of the patients’ anatomy will be a Digital Twin of the organs, and will be showed into the Uro-Verse environment, with an unprecedent level of precision and customization that has the potential to further improve the realism and the accuracy of immersive surgical planning.
I am confident that this special edition of TUM will be a resounding success, with a multitude of innovative surgical technologies to be presented, and a distinguished faculty of surgeons joining us from all corners of the world.
We hope that our ambitious program will be enjoyed by all attendees, and we warmly welcome you to Turin for this 12th edition of TUM!
Kind regards.

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