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TUM18 in Numbers

TUM18 in Numbers

#TUM18 in Numbers:

350 delegates from all over the world

50 Faculty members

21 Invited surgeons for the Live Surgery

22 surgical procedures 4 Operating Rooms

3 Da Vinci®️ Systems

30 Staff members

Thank You and See You at #TUM19 ❤️

Courtesy Cars: Erre Esse S.p.A. – Centri Porsche Coffee Break: LAVAZZA Platinum Sponsors: MultiMed  ab medica  KARL STORZ  Organizing Secretariat: FEDRA CONGRESSI

SURGERY IN THE 3rd MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE- Milan, San Raffaele Turro Hospital, April 12th-13th, 2018

SURGERY IN THE 3rd MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE- Milan, San Raffaele Turro Hospital, April 12th-13th, 2018

The future of surgery in the next few years will surely be female for several reasons.
Women have passed medicine tests with high percentages for years and nowadays enroll always more to urological specialties. Women have increased in numbers among urological departments in hospitals, universities and urological associations and will probably be on equal terms with men in the next few years. Unfortunately, up to now, with very limited exceptions, women never had the space they deserve for their capabilities, care and abilities. I have invited several female surgeons to this event (live surgeries will be performed by women only), and I hope this meeting will help to acknowledge their surgical abilities.

This congress clears up the fact that women are not completely allowed to some kind of surgery and urology. The Program of the Meeting will include Live laparoscopic, robotic and endourological surgeries performed exclusively by women.
I am sure that since today’s surgery means taking care and being passionate, you do not need physical strength but accuracy and skills. Precision wins on speed and women naturally do have these qualities.
Our department trains mini invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgeons and has excellent female surgeons who already prove themselves nationally and internationally. Italian and foreign female surgeons will perform together and the event is open to all who want to improve their techniques or enhance their abilities on urological surgery.

We look forward to meeting you all in Milan.

Franco Gaboardi








6TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNO-UROLOGY MEETING (TUM) 2018 – Orbassano, San Lugi Gonzaga Hospital, 24th-26th January, 2018

6TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNO-UROLOGY MEETING (TUM) 2018 – Orbassano, San Lugi Gonzaga Hospital, 24th-26th January, 2018

New technologies for a more precise surgery.
Techno-Urology Meeting has evolved together with the novel technologies along the past years. More and more surgeons, speakers and attendants have been involved from all over the world.
With the present sixth edition of the Meeting we would like to underline how the new technologies have moved us into the precision surgery era.
The scientific program will include a stimulating combination of live surgery sessions, lectures and thought-provoking debates featuring the world’s experts in the field. Key topics will be covered during this 3-days event, with a focus on recent updates in the field of prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer in the first day, while going on with rich live surgery sessions about robot-assisted surgery and laparoscopic surgery, aided by the most recent technologies about the image-guidance.
Particularly, for the first time, an innovative technology of hyper-accurated 3D reconstruction with super-imposed imaging will be used during the robotic live surgeries sessions of the meeting.
We are confident that the sixth edition of the meeting will be original once more and will give the attendees the opportunity of experience the current status of the available innovative techniques and technologies applied to medical and surgical urologists.
This is why we are confident that the novel edition of the meeting we have organized will be important either for the urologists who have already participated to the previous editions and the welcome new comers.
We look forward to seeing you in Turin!
Kindest regards,

























Event Planner or Event manager?

Event Planner or Event manager?

The event planning industry is host to numerous job titles and job descriptions. Event planner. Meeting Planner. Event Coordinator. Convention Planner. Event manager. The list seems endless. As the industry grows, so does the list of job functions. While job growth is always a good thing, the range of event planning job functions and event management job titles can be confusing to those starting out in the industry.

It is equally frustrating for seasoned professionals faced with clients who misunderstand the services offered.

“Event management” and “event planning” are frequently tossed around interchangeably even though they are two very different things. Quite simply, planning and managing are not the same. While the skill sets of these two functions do overlap, they are two distinct functions. It creates problems for those dealing with clients who mistakenly think they need an event manager when what they need is an event planner. And for those clients who are under the impression that all event managers also handle event planning. So let’s clear up the confusion because it is important that you and your clients have the same understanding.

Event Planning

Let’s start with event planning. The key operative word here is planning. All events – from bridal showers to milestone birthday celebrations to big corporate gatherings – begin with a plan of some sort.

The initial discussions with clients regarding event ideas, themes, desirable dates and budget guidelines are all part of the event planning process.

Event planning starts at the beginning, from the very early stages of concept and continues all the way until the actual event takes place. And, honestly, for a few weeks after the event as event planners wrap up details and handle follow-up items.

Event planning involves working closely with the client to design an event that reflects the client’s vision of the gathering and meets the event’s objective. Clients who hire an event planner hire someone to plan all aspects of the event, including the related details and action items, and to see that event through until its completion.

Event planning responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • selecting an overall theme for the event
  • developing a budget
  • selecting a venue
  • negotiating hotel contracts
  • hiring outside vendors
  • planning the menu
  • hiring a caterer
  • arranging for guest speakers or entertainment
  • coordinating transportation
  • choosing the color scheme
  • developing invitations

Event planning is everything that goes into putting together an event. This function falls under the larger umbrella of event management.

Event Management

Every type of event is made up of numerous parts that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. All of those pieces ultimately come together to create an event. Successful events have all of those related pieces coming together at the right time and the right place, smoothly and efficiently and according to plan. This process is called event management. It is, in simple terms, project management of the event itself.

Event management involves creating, coordinating and managing all the different components of an event as well as the teams of people responsible for each aspect. Some aspects of event management may include but are not limited to:

  • reserving a location for an event
  • coordinating outside vendors
  • developing a parking plan
  • designing emergency contingency plans
  • ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • managing staff responsible for each function
  • overseeing execution of an event
  • monitoring of the event
  • resolving event situations on site

Event Managers and Event Planners Work Together

Defining these two functions is challenging because, not only are they closely related, the responsibilities often overlap. Individual event planners may offer event management services, and event managers may also offer event planning.

It all depends on the individual planner or corporate event management team, the venue, and the event itself.

It is important to understand the differences between the two and to determine which services you will provide. For example; If you offer event planning services for a large-scale event, you will work with an event manager who will coordinate your services with those of the catering manager, the audiovisual team, etc. Define your role and the services you will provide and clearly communicate these to prospective clients to avoid any confusion during the planning process.

Fedra Meetings & Events: about us

Fedra Meetings & Events: about us

Twenty years of knowledge, experience and market expertise have led Fedra Congressi to the forefront of global conference management and to becoming one of the Italian’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs). For the past two decades, Fedra has established and maintained its winning reputation as a global meeting and association management provider.


Laparoscopia in Ginecologia Oncologica – Roma, Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena, 12-14 Novembre 2017

Laparoscopia in Ginecologia Oncologica – Roma, Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena, 12-14 Novembre 2017

Embriologia come storia di evoluzione di una specie. Embriologia come interpretazione
dinamica della Anatomia Umana. Embriologia come razionale della Anatomia
Chirurgica. Embriologia come esemplificazione della tecnica chirurgica. Embriologia
come interpretazione delle vie di diffusione neoplastica.
Di tutto ciò si discuterà nell’ambito del Workshop per capire quanto questi concetti
siano solo delle idee astratte o quanto rappresentino un nuovo modo di affrontare
vecchi problemi. Il tutto con un confronto continuo tra Embriologia, Anatomia Chirurgia
e Chirurgia grazie ad una live surgery continua che si svolgerà in contemporanea con
l’attività teorica.
Il corso sarà infatti strutturato in:
Hot Topic Lectures. Le letture magistrali affronteranno le problematiche emergenti
della chirurgia mininvasiva in ginecologia oncologica ed introdurranno le sessioni di
live surgery. Verrà dimostrato come l’anatomia chirurgica segua piani embriologici ben
definiti, la cui conoscenza permette una migliore applicazione delle tecniche chirurgiche.
Live Surgery.Verranno effettuati interventi in diretta utilizzando le tecniche più
avanzate di chirurgia mininvasiva nella stadiazione chirurgica dei principali tumori
Crossfire Debate alla moviola. Gli interventi saranno successivamente
riesaminati alla moviola e commentati da un panel di esperti.
Materiale didattico. Chiunque ne farà richiesta riceverà i filmati
degli interventi su supporto DVD.

RomAnestesia – Roma, Casa dell’Aviatore, 27-28 Novembre 2017

RomAnestesia – Roma, Casa dell’Aviatore, 27-28 Novembre 2017

RomAnestesia giunge al 14° anno di vita. Molte cose sono cambiate nel corso di questi anni, percorsi diagnostici, terapie, inquadramenti nosografici, ma una cosa è rimasta uguale: lo spirito di aggregazione intorno alle problematiche del paziente critico.

Romanestesia è proprio questo, un momento di crescita e discussione tra professionisti del settore, volto all’approfondimento di tematiche pressanti per migliorare gli standard di cura.

A tale proposito, con l’intervento della SIAARTI, si vuole porre l’accento sulle buone pratiche cliniche da implementare in ogni realtà ospedaliera e poter quindi giungere alla formulazione di linee guida condivise in grado di garantire la sicurezza degli utenti e degli operatori.

Romanestesia vede ancora partecipi i relatori storici dell’evento con nuovi interventi che abbracciano tutti gli ambiti della disciplina, dalla terapia intensiva, alla rianimazione, alla anestesia del paziente critico fino alle situazioni di emergenza.

Ci auguriamo di avervi numerosi, come gli altri anni, per ottenere quei risultati che speriamo di condividere con tutti gli anestesisti, giovani e meno, che vorranno intervenire.

Vi aspettiamo, partecipi. 


Ospedale e Territorio senza Dolore – La realtà nella ASL Roma 1 – Roma, Sala Basaglia Padiglione 26, 2 Dicembre 2017

Ospedale e Territorio senza Dolore – La realtà nella ASL Roma 1 – Roma, Sala Basaglia Padiglione 26, 2 Dicembre 2017

Il controllo del dolore, obiettivo di fondamentale importanza nei programmi del Ministero della Salute, è da sempre uno dei cardini fondanti delle politiche sanitarie della ASL Roma 1, che di recente ha ribadito tale impegno inserendo la problematica del dolore e della sofferenza fra le attività dell’assistenza primaria ed ospedaliera. Il corso, partendo dal progetto Ospedale e  Territorio  Senza  Dolore  e dall’elaborazione del PDTA Terapia del Dolore, inserito nel Master Plan della nostra Azienda, si propone come luogo di scambio di idee tra specialisti ed operatori sanitari, con l’obiettivo di arricchire la cultura e la sensibilità alla cura del dolore.

La giornata, diretta ai medici che operano sia  in  ambito territoriale che ospedaliero nella ASL Roma 1, vuole essere anche un momento di informazione sul riscontro che la nostra Azienda offre in risposta ai bisogni della popolazione relativamente alla “Malattia  Dolore”.

How to transform your inauguration in an event

You spent time and money into the opening of an activity, you passed unscathed a jungle of bureaucratic demands, an odyssey of restructuring and supply contracts… And now you arrived at the inauguration day. The real work starts now.

In the first month of life, in fact, a new business forms the basis of his reputation: the choices made at this stage will affect the future of the whole enterprise.

The opening of your activity is not only a necessary step before you start to work seriously, it is a fundamental and irreplaceable element in the promotion of your business.

Here are five ideas to make it memorable.

  1. The rules of good neighbourliness


Make sure that the opening will serve to reinforce the good neighbourly relations with residents and other merchants of your way.

If possible, transform everything into an event with music and drink in the street, but, if your location does not allow it, remember to personally invite other traders in the area and generally make sure that their businesses can benefit from the traffic generated from your inauguration.

  1. Pictures or it did not happen


Invest in a good photographer. Of course, an Instagram filter can do wonders, but it can not compete with a professional photo shoot, which also remains visible long after the event on your website or on your Facebook page.

There’s no sandwiches tray photographed with the smartphone that can compete with a well post-produced photo of your guests enjoying the event with a good glass of white wine.

  1. Special moments streaming


Until recently, the online streaming option was available only in front of substantial budget. Today, thanks to Periscope and other similar platforms, a smartphone connected to internet can provide to a real live session.

Focus on something that really captures the attention of your potential audience, such as music or entertainment gadgets as gifts (see point 4).

  1. All customers are special


But those who are at the opening event are more, so prove it with a small gift to each one.

Put in your budget, among the promotional investments, a number of discount vouchers, gadgets or coupons, to give to your attendees.

This is the best way to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the event and start building a loyal customer base and a good reputation for your business.

  1. The difference between the opening event and the school party…


… It’s all in the buffet. Forget all the garden tables, glasses and plastic bottles and sandwiches tray. Invest instead in a small but high-quality catering, presented with elegance, and in some decoration suited to the spirit of your business.