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Around the kidney, Milan – Niguarda Hospital, November 28-29, 2018

Around the kidney, Milan – Niguarda Hospital, November 28-29, 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The treatments for Kidney and Upper urinary tract cancer are quickly evolving.
Research and technology dramatically changed the approach to those diseases.
Partial nephrectomy has become the standard treatment for the majority of
kidney masses, irrespectively of tumor size, but still kidney and urothelial
cancer might need challenging surgery, with radical nephrectomy removing
the whole ureter or tumor thrombus in the renal vein or in vena cava.
Minimally invasive surgery has allowed to reduce complications maintaining
the possibility to spare the kidney whenever technically possible and
oncologically safe; it is still debated if laparoscopy and robotic surgery offer
similar results. Moreover, virtual reality, 3D printing and hologram systems
gave further insights in the anatomical structure of the kidney improving
surgical outcomes.
During the course, some of the most expert national and international surgeons
in the world will show in live and semi-live surgery the advantages and
disadvantages of their approaches, showing specific tips and tricks. Finally,
the medical treatments for the advanced situations are shifting their
paradigms with new molecules and drugs. Expert panels of urologists and
oncologists will make the point of the current knowledge on these topics.
In the third year of the urological courses organized in the historical and
innovative Niguarda Hospital, coming after the successful Around the prostate
and Around the bladder, Around the kidney will give you a 360° vision of the
most innovative treatments for kidney and upper tract urothelial cancer.
Save the date and come to Milan!






Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics 2018 – Leipzig, June 28th-30th, 2018

Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics 2018 – Leipzig, June 28th-30th, 2018

Dear Colleagues

It is a great pleasure to invite you to Leipzig for the 15th European Meeting on Laparoscopic and Robotic Urologic Surgery – “Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics”.

The world’s most renowned surgeons will perform a wide spectrum of the most challenging examples of urological procedures such as prostatectomy, cystectomy with urinary diversion and partial nephrectomy as well as innovative procedures such as robotic assisted kidney transplantation.

The live surgery component will always include 3 procedures being performed in parallel. Every procedure can be followed from start to finish! For the first time the program will be further enriched by semi-live video presentations and discussion of complications of selected procedures.

Furthermore, late breaking news about the latest innovations in robotic surgery and technology will be included in the program and exhibition.

Leipzig is a historical city (more than 1000 years old) with a rich cultural and commercial profile. Major classical music composers have lived and flourished here. The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Saint Thomas boys’ choir are world famous. In addition, major car industries (Porsche and BMW) produce several of their lines in Leipzig.

We are delighted to invite all delegates to our ‘Get Together Dinner’ which will be organized in the extraordinary Porsche exhibition centre.

Clearly, music, action and speed are major characteristics of this city alongside a rich cultural and educational history. This is the perfect city to host “Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics” for the second time since 2011.

Welcome to Leipzig!




SURGERY IN THE 3rd MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE- Milan, San Raffaele Turro Hospital, April 12th-13th, 2018

SURGERY IN THE 3rd MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE- Milan, San Raffaele Turro Hospital, April 12th-13th, 2018

The future of surgery in the next few years will surely be female for several reasons.
Women have passed medicine tests with high percentages for years and nowadays enroll always more to urological specialties. Women have increased in numbers among urological departments in hospitals, universities and urological associations and will probably be on equal terms with men in the next few years. Unfortunately, up to now, with very limited exceptions, women never had the space they deserve for their capabilities, care and abilities. I have invited several female surgeons to this event (live surgeries will be performed by women only), and I hope this meeting will help to acknowledge their surgical abilities.

This congress clears up the fact that women are not completely allowed to some kind of surgery and urology. The Program of the Meeting will include Live laparoscopic, robotic and endourological surgeries performed exclusively by women.
I am sure that since today’s surgery means taking care and being passionate, you do not need physical strength but accuracy and skills. Precision wins on speed and women naturally do have these qualities.
Our department trains mini invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgeons and has excellent female surgeons who already prove themselves nationally and internationally. Italian and foreign female surgeons will perform together and the event is open to all who want to improve their techniques or enhance their abilities on urological surgery.

We look forward to meeting you all in Milan.

Franco Gaboardi