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Who do you meet at conferences? [Infographic]

Who do you meet at conferences? [Infographic]

Where there is a weekend, conferences and networking events are sure to follow.

These gatherings can provide an ample opportunity to listen in on hot topics that can better your business, gain sage advice from those folks that have been there done that and participate in discussion on subjects close to your heart. Still, networking tends to be the number one reason to attend these often overpriced events.

Since you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck, learn who to seek out and those you should avoid. Between the must-meet founders and keynote speakers, there will be some people you’ll want to meet. Others, who include the “stressed-out guy” and the “sales person,” may be good candidates to avoid.

Want to know more people you should rub shoulders with at conferences? In the infographic from mobile-networking app Bizzabo (below), check out the 10 different types of people you’ll likely meet at a conference:

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DOs and DON’Ts for Corporate Events

DOs and DON’Ts for Corporate Events

You and your employees work hard to make your business successful, and it’s important to recognize that effort every once in a while.

For your next office party, try something a little different: a unique event venue like ours will make your corporate party fun, memorable and something everyone will actually want to attend!

Check out our infographic for corporate event planning tips, including info on who you should and shouldn’t invite to your event:

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