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How wellness influences your business [Infographic]

How wellness influences your business [Infographic]

There are many ways to be at your best for an event.

If you can’t fix a gym session in your weekly schedule, here there are some tips you could use everyday.

how wellness influences your business

In conclusion

The benefits of brief bouts of exercise during the workday go beyond physical fitness: you are improving your ability to absorb and retain information.

If you follow this few tips, your performances at work will get better.


Top 5 Apps and Gadget to stay on the go

Top 5 Apps and Gadget to stay on the go

As event planners, we are always on the go. We’re traveling from airport to airport, taking site visits at random locations and working in the closest Starbucks we can find. It’s easy to feel like we aren’t being as productive as we are when we are in the office.

But, while there is nothing like sitting in front of your desk at the office, there are a lot of tools that can help you while you’re traveling. Imagine if you could be nearly as productive on the go as you are in the office. Here are the top five apps for event planners on the go!


Karma Wi-Fi

One of biggest frustrations while traveling is to get access to reliable Wi-Fi.

Clients need a document uploaded and it could takes hours just to try and find a place that will have a strong enough signal to upload the document needed.

With Karma, you can take your hotspot on the go. And, the best part is that you pay for only the data you use. Rather then find a package through your mobile provider that gives you 2GB a month, you can pay only when you need it. It’s really flexible and reliable.


Dropbox is a file storage platform. It allows you to upload the documents that you need on the go and share them, as needed. Their mobile app is great as well and you can access the documents you need, make changes, and re-share them with the appropriate people.


The Pages App

This app is a really great tool for checking notifications, responding to messages and making sure that we are engaging on a regular basis with our Facebook audience.

The general Facebook app is incredibly underwhelming when it comes to brand management, so rather than waiting until you get back to your desktop to deal with a comment on your Facebook page, you can now do it while you are waiting for the train or sitting on the bus.


Slack is a new team communication tool where you can filter feeds, create conversations and eliminate email. This tool is designed for collaborating as teams so it’s a great option to use for your employees. It manages their conversations and keeps them in this platform instead of everything being in your email. And, their mobile app makes it easy to stay connected and updated on the go.


This app is great because it will allow us to log into our desktop from our mobile and access files that we need. Sometimes, there’s simply no greater answer then having direct access to your desktop.

10 Healthy ways to avoid the afternoon slump

10 Healthy ways to avoid the afternoon slump

As inconvenient as that predictable postprandial plunge between 2 and 4 p.m. can be, scientists tell us it’s actually a biological imperative, a mini version of the drowsiness we feel just before bedtime when our core body temperature drops, signaling the brain to release that heavenly chemical dream weaver, melatonin.

Some cultures embrace the slump with a midday siesta; ours not so much. In fact, we westerners tend to make matters worse by giving nary a nod to breakfast, then overcompensating with a carb-crazy lunch and sugary chaser, the perfect prelude to a mid-afternoon plunge. What’s more, once the yawns hit, a caramel latte or candy bar on the run will only provide temporary relief, if not make matters worse.

Here are 10 healthy habits that will help stave off an afternoon siesta:


Declare a time out

Five minutes of alone time to sit, practice deep breathing and clear your mind will put you on a better mental footing to face the rest of the day.

Go for a walk

There’s nothing like a little fresh air, exercise and change of scenery to recharge your metabolism for the work ahead. If the weather outside if frightful, walk briskly down a covered breezeway or up and down a flight or two of stairs to get your blood moving.

Have a drink (No, not that kind of drink!)

A tall glass of ice water does wonders to stave off sleep and rally your metabolism. But avoid alcohol; the sugar content leads to plunge city.

Wrangle your incoming

Counter an approaching plunge by shifting your focus to the texts, voice mails and emails that have amassed while you were busy. It’s a great way to divert a downward spiral and be productive at the same time.


Have a snack (No, not that kind of snack!)

Boost your metabolism with an energy-rich snack. Fresh fruit, trail mix with nuts, or whole-wheat crackers with string cheese are good choices if available. If your only option is vending machine fare, peanut butter and crackers provide a welcome carb-protein pick-me-up. But avoid candy; it lets you down fast.

Plug into your playlist

Spending a few minutes listening to upbeat, engaging music can pick up the beat when it starts to lag. Personally, I’d steer more toward Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Meghan Trainor’s “Lips Are Movin’” than, say, Adele’s “Hello.”

Plan tomorrow

Getting a jump on coordinating the appointments and tasks you’ll face tomorrow can interject a welcome wider perspective into your day and clear your mind for a relaxing evening.

Take a reading break

Words have a way of reviving and relaxing us when the minutiae of the day starts to take its toll. Keep a book of inspiring quotes, jokes or meaningful reflections handy or bookmark the same online and use these to revive and reset your mood as needed.


Open the curtains

Feeling drowsy? Part the curtains and welcome in as much sunlight as possible. A 2006 scientific study found that 20 minutes of exposure to bright light increased alertness and boosted brain response. The reason? That old dream weaver Melatonin can’t be produced in bright light.

Catnap if you can

If time and circumstances permit, a 20-minute nap (but no more) can do wonders for your energy level. Scientists caution, however, that catnaps are not a good option if you suffer from insomnia, as they may make nighttime sleeplessness worse.