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How location influences the success of your event

How location influences the success of your event

The first dilemma that presents itself to potential event organizer is the choice of location. While choosing the right place doesn’t ensure the event success, it is also true that the best organization in the world will fail to ensure a good result if the location is hopelessly wrong.

The right place at the right time



First of all, you must first know your audience.
We turn to the shareholders of a company or university students in the city? It is reasonable to think that our audience will move by car or we have to take into account the links between our location and the main public transport? If we choose a beautiful location in the middle of nowhere, we would then be included in a budget bus / shuttle service to allow participants to get to the venue? And if the location did not include its own catering service, as we will organize supplies for refreshments?

We have not even confirmed the first choice, but already we envisage a number of options that are likely to have a profound impact on our budget.

In principle, any location whether it locates outside the city centers involves an increase in costs and is probably best suited for a high-profile event and with a large budget.
By contrast, a converted industrial building just steps from the subway station will be much more suitable for an exhibition of young independent artists than a sixteenth century villa lost in the hills.

Size matters


The second element to consider is the size. If you schedule an event with entrance fee is the key word: “pessimism.”
You have to apply a simple arithmetic: the division by two. If we plan to charge an entrance fee for our event, probably our budget must be balanced against a profit forecast. That prediction gain must always be divided in half. We expect to attract an audience of 1000 people? We calculate the costs in order to cover with 500 entries and then choose a place that has the potential to accommodate 1000 people, but it may seem full even with half.

Magic? No, decor. Many rooms offer the possibility of different settings, with the addition or removal of panels, movable walls, tables, seating and room dividers.

A good strategy, if we are not sure to be able to correctly predict the influx, has set up the local minimum of its capacity and then delete items (such as sofas and tables) in case you need a larger space.

Cool vs Uncool



What it brings with it the end of an event is, first of all, the atmosphere. The memory of the feelings will remain for a long time, more than menu and even the theme of the evening. Location is a valuable ally in the creation of the atmosphere, but to exploit the full potential must have a thorough knowledge of the area.

The beauty and practicality of the structure are important, but the way in which the structure is perceived is even more.

In selecting the location for your event, it is essential to apply these same knowledge or rely on someone who can give it. That our keywords are “luxury, glamour and elegance” or “avant- garde, minimalism and counterculture”, it is essential that the site that will host our event is in keeping with the spirit of the initiative.

If we got this far, it means that we have successfully avoided the pitfalls of the first choice and on the right track.

Now we just have to organize our event.