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Why invest in promotional tours

Why invest in promotional tours

Benefits of promotional tour

No multimedia message will never be as effective as direct knowledge and the ability to interact without mediation and for a time much longer than average, try the product, acquiring a wealth of information that could never be contained in an advertisement.

Offer your target authentic and memorable experience means to get a level of attention that no billboard has ever aroused.

Even the best message in the world, also is enjoyed for a few seconds and easily lost in the jungle of advertising stresses to which we are all subject.
A promotional tour establishes the framework that will allow your potential customers to spend whole minutes, if not hours “in the company” of your brand.

Promotional tour or traditional marketing?



Ideally a mix of both. The promotional tour are incredibly effective in supplementing more traditional marketing techniques and a tour can be more than enough for an entire campaign. In this case the main allies of the brand will be social media, which will be used to document in real-time on-the-road experience.

The unique element of this formula is to combine the classic multi-media presentation on the power of word of mouth, which is always one of the most effective forms of marketing and profitable. A promotional tour, also can be a great research tool, and market knowledge.

Launch a product with this method might enable you to test the reactions of the public before they have even opened one store and, consequently, to improve the strategic positioning of the brand based on the success of the different stages of the tour.


The promotional tours have a series of economic advantages compared to traditional techniques. The ability to have unprecedented control on the target that will be reached by the communication allows to optimize every second of promotion to get the maximum result.

Fixed costs and commitments of a selling point, in fact, can get to be so high – especially in big cities – to make the permanent presence at a point a choice strategically inconvenient. Move to areas and a strategic moment is revealed, the overall scheme of a sales campaign, a saving.

Where to bring your own brand



1.Trade show

The trade show of your industry is undoubtedly a good starting point. In these contexts, each event will receive a higher level of attention than usual by an audience that is selected upstream. These are the ideal context to set up product demonstrations, promotions and information points.

2. Seasonal events

Take account of seasonal movements, public holidays and other large-scale events it is essential, if you want to plan your promotional tour effectively. Be present in the main resort of summer or winter vacation, for example, proved to be an excellent sales and promotion tool for beverage, electronics brands, cars and clothing.

3. City centres

Program the launch of a new product with national or international distribution is a key moment for each brand. Few tools, in this sense, will be as effective as a tour that will bring the brand around the country like a real rock star, with scheduled events, which create expectation and generate hype around the new product.