4th Techno-Urology Meeting. From pre-clinical setting to the operative room – Orbassano (TO), San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital, January 27th-29th, 2016

Development of new devices and instrumentation is continuously stimulating modern surgical practice. Technological renovation is driving the evolution of minimally invasive urologic surgery, especially in tertiary care centres. Conventional laparoscopy has represented a paradigm shift in urologic surgery over the last twenty years but the introduction of robotics and other novel technologies has driven another revolution, moving us into the next level of evolution of minimally invasive surgery: the “technological surgery”. In parallel with the technological revolution, novel research fields are being walked through, with the purpose of translating the findings in the daily surgical practice in order to facilitate it and improve the outcomes.

In the previous editions of this Meeting we tried to put the basis about the new point of view of modern urologic surgery and to offer the participants a punctual resign of the most recent technological innovations introduced during the last years, putting the accent over live surgery.

With the present fourth edition of the Meeting we would like to underline the importance of basic and translational researches in laboratory setting, and to show their application in the daily practice, either in medical or in surgical activities.

The scientific program will include a stimulating combination of live surgery sessions, lectures and thought-provoking debates featuring the world’s experts in the field. Key topics will be covered during this 3-days event, with a focus on recent updates in urological oncology in the first day, while going on with rich live surgery sessions about laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery, image-guided surgery, Mini-laparoscopy and its evolutions.

We are confident that the fourth edition of the meeting will be original and will give the attendees the opportunity of experience the current status of available innovative techniques and technologies applicated to medical and surgical urologists.

This is why we are confident that the novel edition of the meeting we have organized will be important either for urologists who participate to the first editions and new comers.

We look forward to seeing you in Turin!

Kindest regards,


Prokar Dasgupta,

Alexander Mottrie,

Francesco Porpiglia



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