11th International Techno-Urology Meeting(TUM) – Orbassano, Aula Convegni, Ospedale S. Luigi Gonzaga , April 13th-14th, 2023

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce the 11th edition of TUM that will be held on 13-14 April 2023.
During the past years, we worked to improve and sharpen the technologies for laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery.
Starting from 3D guided surgeries, 4K vision and highly technological broadcasting system, we tried to offer the participants the most possible immersive experience since the first editions of our meeting.Then, thanks to the study of 3D virtual models of the organs obtained from standard imaging, we explored multiple fields, from augmented reality to mixed reality surgery, aiming to improve the planning and intraoperative guidance following the information given by virtual models of the real anatomy, maximizing the surgeon awareness in performing the interventions.
These technologies have been performed first in a semi-automatic setting, and then with augmented
reality platforms driven by artificial intelligence technology.
Indeed, with the aid given by artificial intelligence in refining precision details of the augmented reality
procedures, it is nowadays possible to perform many steps of such “super-vision” guided surgery automatically,
without the need of any hand-assistance.
Finally, due to the pandemic, we developed a dedicated platform allowing the participants all over the
world to attend our technological event, implementing the broadcasted surgeries and exploring also the
field of tele-mentoring application of 3D virtual guidance with remote control.
Following this direction, with the aim to improve the fruition of 3D models and the sharing of the images
we created a new immersive platform for a virtual reality experience, enjoyed in the Metaverse.
In this TUM23 edition, the surgeons who joined us in the past, will be invited to test once again the newest
innovations of the last two years, implemented and enriched in the last months, refined in their details and
usability, in order to test their replicability and application.
From perfectioned augmented reality and 3D virtual models, with a surgical navigation driven by artificial
intelligence, to the preoperative case discussion in the metaverse with surgeons’ avatars we hope to
make other steps further in the “technology-driven” surgery.
I’m sure that this special edition of TUM, will be a great success for both the great number of surgical
innovative technologies presented as well as for the prestigious faculty of surgeons coming from all over
the world.
Hoping that the attendees will enjoy our ambitious program, I welcome you all to Turin for this 11th edition
of TUM!
Kind regards.

In order to register please visit http://www.technourologymeeting.com/