9th International Techno-Urology Meeting,(TUM), Lingotto Meeting Center, Turin, January 28th-29th 2021

9th International Techno-Urology  Meeting,(TUM), Lingotto Meeting Center, Turin, January 28th-29th 2021

Dear Friends,
TUM is  once again approaching on January 28th and 29th 2021, with its 9th edition, despite the recent  Covid pandemic, which very much impacted our personal and work life.Over the past few years, we have been working to improve and sharpen the technologies for minimally-invasive urologic surgery. Starting from Hyper-Accuracy 3D reconstructions from standard imaging we explored the fields of augmented reality and mixed reality surgey,with the aim to virtualli plan and intraoperatively enhance the real anatomy, maximizing the information for the surgeons performing the intervention. In the past editions of TUM these two technologies, performed in a semi-automatic setting, have been widely investigated and experienced by surgeons.

The upcoming edition of the meeting will be the stage for presenting live for the first time, our last great innovation, the new augmented reality platform entirely driven by artificial intelligence technology.Indeed,  with the aid given by artificial intelligence in refining precision details of the augmented reality procedures, it is nowadays possible to perform many steps of such image-guided surgery automatically, without needing any hand-assistance.

In this scenario, many Italian and European expert surgeons, have been invited, to experience  such new technologies during the live surgery sessions from our operative rooms.

At the same time, eminent overseas surgeons will be involved in the meeting with broadcasted surgeries, to show their latest improvements of different robotic and laparoscopic  procedures. 

The event will be under the auspices of the most prestigious international societies of minimally invasive surgery, in light of the high quality level gained by the TUM over the years. Another new location was also chosen for the meeting; the ” Sala 500″ at Lingotto Meeting Center in Turin will be set for the event to guarantee the highest health safety standard for the attendees. 

In addition,  a dedicated online platform will be available to allow people to follow the event virtually.

The possibility to attend the meeting physically or virtually allows to offer a ” phygital” event maximizing the participants experience.

We would like to welcome those who have decided to come back after joining us during the previous editions, and those who are new to the TUM.

We look forward to seeing you in Turin!

Kindest regards




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