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ICCP2021 – International Congress of Cognitive Psychotherapy – Virtual Meeting May 13th-15th , 2021

ICCP2021 – International Congress of Cognitive Psychotherapy – Virtual Meeting May 13th-15th , 2021

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is an umbrella term for a large number of evidence-based psychological treatments and it is the gold standard in the field of psychotherapy. This Congress aims to: (1) report about CBT state of the art applications in a large variety of clinical and non-clinical contexts; (2) introduce the latest research with powerful clinical implications in this field; (3) increase CBT internal cohesion by moving the various “schools” of this field towards an integrated and multimodal approach; (4) promote CBT as the best platform to integrate psychotherapy in an evidence-based framework; (5) stimulate CBT frontier research as well as infuse CBT with frontier research from related fields.

The International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy has decided that the 10th edition of its Congress is going to take place in Rome (Italy), one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Previous editions of the IACP’s Congress were organized in important academic centres, such as Umea (Sweden, 1986), Oxford (UK, 1989), Toronto (Canada, 1992), Catania (Italy, 2000), Gotenborg (Sweden, 2005), Rome (Italy, 2008), Istanbul (Turkey, 2011), Hong Kong (China, 2014), and Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania (Romania, 2017). Between 1992 and 2005 some of IACP’s Congresses were merged with the World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies/WCBCT (Copenhagen, Denmark 1995; Acapulco, Mexico, 1998; Vancouver, Canada, 2001; Kobe, Japan, 2004) and since 2005 it was again organized as an independent world congress of the IACP, coordinated with the WCBCT (where IACP is also one of the organizers).

“Join us to gain a new perspective on the science of CBT and its clinical practice. We also invite you to visit Rome, a place with a unique cultural and historical heritage.”


Antonella Montano  and Gabriele Melli
Congress Presidents



SURGERY IN THE 3RD MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE – virtual congress , February 26th & 27th, 2021

SURGERY IN THE 3RD MILLENNIUM: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE – virtual congress , February 26th & 27th, 2021

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It’s our great pleasure to welcome you for the third edition of Surgery in the 3rd millennium: Future is Female, to be held in
February 26th-27th 2021.
Considering all the exceptional circumstances we are living for the pandemic we believe that our message cannot be postponed for another year and we decide to go virtual. Hoping to reach all of you with a crucial message in a disruptive platform. While this activity could not replace the enrichment of presential meetings
we can promise we will do our best to connect, engage and promote a lived discussion. You won’t be deceived!
The comprehensive scientific program will include live laparoscopic, robotic and endourological surgeries performed by prominent urologic surgeons; as well as lectures on different urological sub-specialties, for your clinical education and learning.
Of all the medical specialties, the number of women in urology is one of the lowest. However now percentage of female students in medical school around the world is increasing and women constitute a majority in the ranks of younger doctors.
Although there is growing evidence that female urologists are being represented in all the fields of the Urology specialty it is true that frequently they are underrepresented on live-surgery meetings non-focused on female or functional urology.
It is crucial that all organizations working in surgery guarantee recognition of women surgeons, to minimize inequality and for preserving the future of the specialty by removing barriers.
In this sense we give voice to well-known and recognized female urologic surgeons, breaking stereotypes and challenging the standards,sharing the podium with compromised male urologist that want to break the barriers of all-fashioned traditions.
We think that this meeting beside being useful and diverse from the scientific point of view, it could represent a great motivation for female students, young residents, and urologists who are frequently engaged by role models.
Goals like these only could be achieved if ALL of us, as urologists, work together.
We are looking forward welcoming you in Barcelona,
Franco and Maria


9th Virtual Edition  International Techno-Urology  Meeting,(TUM),   January 28th-29th 2021

9th Virtual Edition International Techno-Urology Meeting,(TUM), January 28th-29th 2021

Dear Friends,
TUM is once again approaching with its 9th edition, on January 28-29th 2021, despite the recent COVID pandemic, which deeply impacted our personal and work life.
Over the past few years, we have been working to improve and sharpen the technologies for minimally invasive urologic surgery.
Starting from Hyper-Accuracy 3D reconstructions (HA3D™) from standard imaging, we explored the fields of augmented reality and mixed reality surgery, with the aim to virtually plan and intraoperatively enhance the real anatomy, maximizing the information at the disposal of the surgeon performing the intervention.
In the past editions of TUM, these two technologies, performed in a semi-automatic setting, have been widely investigated and experienced by the surgeons.
The upcoming edition of the meeting will be the stage for presenting, live and for the first time, our last great innovation: the new augmented reality platform entirely driven by artificial intelligence technology.
Indeed, with the aid given by artificial intelligence in refining precision details of the augmented reality procedures, it is nowadays possible to perform many steps of such image-guided surgery automatically, without needing any hand-assistance.
A dedicated online platform will be available, to allow people to follow the event virtually.
Indeed, the congress has evolved into a hybrid format, with some live surgeries performed on site alongside virtual contents that the participants can enjoy from home, during and after the meeting.

Together with the novelties of artificial intelligence guidance, many other technologies will be presented during the meeting.

Moreover, some broadcasted surgeries will also be performed by expert surgeons abroad: for them, the advantages given by the 3D virtual guidance will be available by remote control!

Last but not least, in order to mantain the technological and innovation standards of our congress at the highest levels, we decided to include a part of the faculty in an unattempted experience, an absolute novelty in the field of virtual meetings.

Indeed, through the use of cardboard technology, all participants from home will be given the opportunity to view their intraoperative surgical videos in 3D, as in a surgical console!

We believe that this innovative technological format of the meeting gives the attendees the possibility to overcome the distance barrier imposed by virtual meetings, maximizing the potential to enjoy a conference from home and at the same time offering quality contents in a never experienced before form.
We would like to welcome those who have decided to come back after joining us during the previous editions, and those who are new to the TUM.