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15° Corso Ecm Polispecialistico in Pediatria –  Albano Laziale, Hotel Villa Aricia, 2 dicembre 2017

15° Corso Ecm Polispecialistico in Pediatria – Albano Laziale, Hotel Villa Aricia, 2 dicembre 2017

L’evento, per la sua interdisciplinarietà, consentirà al partecipante di avere un aggiornamento ampio ed approfondito su una vasta area tematica nel campo della pediatria e condividere conoscenze ed esperienze, delle malattie degli apparati Respiratorio,

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5th TECHNO-UROLOGY MEETING – Orbassano(TO), January 25th-27th, 2017

5th TECHNO-UROLOGY MEETING – Orbassano(TO), January 25th-27th, 2017

Modern surgical practice has been evolved by the introduction of innovative technologies during the last decades. With the technological renovation minimally invasive urologic surgery was born and nowadays this is a reality, especially in tertiary care centres.
Such an evolution started with conventional laparoscopy that represented the paradigm shift in urologic surgery over the last twenty years.
More recently, the introduction of robotics and other novel technologies has driven another revolution, moving us into the next level of evolution of minimally invasive surgery: the “technological surgery”.
The question is if the technological evolution will last forever or not.
In parallel with the technological revolution, novel research fields are being walked through, with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of the disease to cure, and give the possibility to the surgeon to tailor the best therapy that fits the patient.
Techno-Urology Meeting is evolved together with the novel technologies along the past years. More and more surgeons, speakers and attendants have been involved from all over the world.
With the present fifth edition of the Meeting we would like to underline the importance of tailoring the therapy on the basis of the disease.
The scientific program will include a stimulating combination of live surgery sessions, lectures and thought-provoking debates featuring the world’s experts in the field. Key topics will be covered during this 3-days event, with a focus on recent updates in the field of prostate cancer in the first day, while going on with rich live surgery sessions about laparoscopic and robotassisted surgery, image-guided surgery, Mini-laparoscopy and its evolutions.
We are confident that the fifth edition of the meeting will be original once more and will give the attendees the opportunity of experience the current status of available innovative techniques and technologies applied to medical and surgical urologists.
This is why we are confident that the novel edition of the meeting we have organized will be important either for urologists who participate to the first editions and new comers.
We look forward to seeing you in Turin!
Kindest regards,

Francesco Porpiglia

Evangelos Liatsikos

Peter Wiklund


World Medicine Park 2017 – Cascais, May 11th-14th, 2017

World Medicine Park 2017 – Cascais, May 11th-14th, 2017

The new destination 2017

A charming Portuguese fishing town situated on the western edge of the Lisbon coastline. The town combines a fascinating history, wonderful beaches considered the finest surfing beaches of Europe!






World Medicine Park

Is the hub for learning,training and networking. You can be involved in multiple educational experiences, meet and hear from some of the great minds in health Community, share the work they have been doing and learn from leadedge initiatives taking place in healthcare organizations across the world.

The Venue

The Citadel and Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Luz used between the 15th and 17th centuries for defending the Portuguese coast from the pirates. A fascinating location location where all the session and meeting rooms are within walking distance.

pain management cascais








Topics 2017

Anesthesia & Intensive Care – Pain management –
Orthopaedics and Traumatology – Respiratory Medicine – Pediatrics –
New medical technologies – Health Care Management

Sesimbra paradise beach
Sesimbra paradise beach