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How Much Food Do You Need For You Event? Part 2

How Much Food Do You Need For You Event? Part 2

Last week we talked about how food and beverage often takes up the largest portion of your event budget and how it’s important to ask yourself few questions before deciding everything.

Now that you have a precise idea of your event catering and guests needs, here’s an infographic that will help you to measure how much food you need for yHOW MUCH FOOD DO YOU NEED FOR YOUR EVENT-our event:


Why Your Attendees are No Longer “Just” Attendees

Why Your Attendees are No Longer “Just” Attendees

How would you describe your average attendee? While your answer can vary depending on the type of event or conference you’re planning, there’s one big thing that has changed over the last several years. Your attendees are no longer “just” attendees.

With all of the interactive technology that’s emerged in the last decade, your attendees – more than ever before – are taking charge of their event experience. If you have your attendees boxed in as bystanders, it’s time to start changing how you view the typical attendee.

So what are they doing differently?

Don’t Wait for Information


Smartphones and tablets have made it easier to seek out the information we want. Because of this, attendees don’t wait for you to give them event information. They look up your website, your social platforms, and your mobile event app. And they expect their mobile experience to be fast – every second of delay could result in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Prefer Mobile Apps


When you see attendees looking at their smartphones, they’re probably using a mobile app. And by probably, I mean definitely. Apps continue to dominate the mobile web with 86% of time going to apps and the other 14% going to the web. Studies by Compuware have shown that people find apps faster, more convenient, and easier to browse.

Appreciate Custom Content


Did you know that 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content? Each person who goes to your event has his or her own reasons for attending. Delivering custom content to attendees shows them you care about their specific interests. If it’s relevant and timely, it’ll further enhance your attendee’s experience.

Use Multiple Devices


A recent survey by Deloitte showed that nearly 40% of consumers are digital omnivores – they own a smartphone, tablet, and a laptop. Have you ever experienced more app downloads than there are attendees? It’s because 77% of people who have three devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities.

Interact with Your Brand through Mobile and Social


Mobile app use is increasing worldwide, and social apps are leading that growth. A survey by ExactTarget revealed that 53% of people have liked or followed a brand on social media from a mobile device. Having a social presence gives you the chance to deliver great content, engage your attendees, and connect with them in real time on a more personal level. Social platforms have also encouraged attendees to take more active roles in sharing their event experiences, generating more content for events, and building a stronger event community.

These are just a few examples of how technology has changed the attendee you used to know. What changes have you noticed over the years?